Fenland Poetry and Verse - and More

Enjoy the tranquility of Wicken Lode taking a trip on Mayfly.

A Trip On Mayfly At Wicken Fen

by Neil Ford

A trip on the Mayfly along Wicken Lode
Is an experience not to be missed
It's tranquil and quiet cruising along
Seeing wildlife and flowers to many to list

Your guide is the boatman pointing out what you see
The Koniks or cattle or a bird flying high
The blue flash of a kingfisher darting ahead
You'll need to be watchful with an eye on the sky

There's rushes and reeds and bright yellow flags
White lilies create such a show
You might see a grass snake swimming across
And there are plenty of fish - the boatman will know

As you approach Reach Lode with the Cock Up ahead
Everything has to slow down
There may be more craft or a stiff breeze to cope with
Itís much wider out here with room to turn round

It's believed that these lodes are the work of the Romans
They've been used by many since then
For working and hauling and pleasure as well
And connecting the people's who live near the fen

Neil Ford
Ely, Cambridgeshire

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