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We need to recognise and treasure love. It's brilliant!

Love Is Special

by Neil Ford

It's great to have fun and to jump into bed
When your young and exploring your world
There are so many things you want to try out
As adulthood starts to unfold

However love isn't just about bonking
There's so much more to it than that
It's an emotional bond deep down inside
About respect and caring and just wanting to chat

It's about knowing each other. The good and the bad
Holding hands and hugging - a lot
Listening and sharing and that sort of stuff
Appreciating each other and just what you've got

If you meet someone special things will all change
The connection will be so much stronger
You'll feel it's quite different with this one beside you
You'll be much closer and want to stay longer

The odd thing is that it's hard to predict
You don't know when a 'right one' will appear
When they do you'll feel different about them
It's special! It's fantastic! Hold it so dear

Neil Ford
Ely, Cambridgeshire

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