Fenland Poetry and Verse - and More

Hill Row boy finds the girl of his dreams in Stretham on his way to Ely.

Stretham Sweetheart

by Neil Ford

I'm trudgin' the drove all over to Stretham, my sweetheart there to see
The weather don't matter, I'll just keep going, 'cos I know she waits for me
She's the prettiest maid I ever set eyes on, with a smile to lift your soul
It's a hard slog to get there but I want to see her. Her hand is really my goal

I live over Hill Row and work at a trade. I've nearly finished my time
The carriers cart gives a ride up to Ely to buy at the market and see what is fine
On this day we stopped by the Cross over Stretham, a'waiting to pick up a fare
This lovely young lass comes up and smiles sweetly with bright pretty ribbons tied up in her hair

I say "Can I see ya'". She say "That ya' can". My heart was a'thumpin' like glory
I coul't hardly believe it. It was just like a dream - like someone had made up a story
On the way back from Ely, I seen her again, and now I'm so sure she'll be mine
She stood on the threshold and waved to us passing. Smiling and looking right fine

So I'm trudging through Hadd'nam and Wilbur'on too, to make it to Stretham on time
She's waiting for me by the Cross, near the inn. We'll go walking and I'll make her mine
Her father's small shop, is up near the Cross. We'll live there once we have bin wed
She is the girl I'll be with all of my life after our vows have been said

Neil Ford
Ely, Cambridgeshire

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